About me

I am an economist at the University of Washington with a focus in health economics. My main research is in the ways that households respond to changes in health policy and health care reform in Mexico and Seattle, but my interests vary widely, from individual fertility decisions to the behavioral responses of firms to policy. My Ph.D. is from UC Berkeley Economics, where I specialized in Economic Development and Industrial Organization, and held a fellowship in Demography. I teach microeconomic theory (from intro to advanced) and the economics of population and development.

My current research is in two main areas: 1) Household and firm responses to sweetened beverage taxes, with a focus on Seattle’s Sweetened Beverage Tax, and 2) Impacts of Mexico’s large-scale health care reform Seguro Popular on management and treatment of chronic disease, including Type II Diabetes. Please see the links above for more details on my academic projects as well as my outreach efforts.

You can contact me at knoxm at uw dot edu or at my mailing address: University of Washington Department of Economics, Box 353330, Seattle, WA 98195-3330.