Pacific Northwest Labor Day 2018

### Program ā€”ā€”-

  • Downward nominal wage rigidity in the United States (Yoon Joo Jo, Columbia University)
  • The Lazarus Effect and the Labor Market: Evidence from At-Scale Antiretroviral Therapy in Zambia (Nicholas Wilson, Reed College)
  • What Labor Supply Elasticities do Employers Face? Evidence from Field Experiments (Claus Portner, Seattle University)
  • The Effect of Exposure to Saharan Dust on Neonatal Mortality: Evidence from Burkina Faso (Seyed Karimi, U. of Washington Tacoma)
  • Insuring Girlsā€™ Lives Against Drought (Jagori Saha, Rhodes College)
  • Semesters or Quarters? The Effect of the Academic Calendar on Postsecondary Graduation Rates (Valerie Bostwick, Ohio State University)
  • The Effects of Four-day School Weeks on Achievement: Evidence from Oregon (Paul N. Thompson, Oregon State University)