Working Papers


If paper is not posted, please email me for a draft.

  1. Health Care Reform in a Middle Income Country: Transfer Program or Something More? Impacts of Mexico’s Seguro Popular Program Five Years after Introduction (status: revise and resubmit)

  2. Is the Public Sweet on Sugary Beverages? Social Desirability Bias and Sweetened Beverage Taxes (with V. Oddo, L.P. Walkinshaw, and J. Jones-Smith) (status: forthcoming at Economics and Human Biology)

  3. Social Safety Net Programs and the Flow of Return Migrants: Evidence from the Public Provision of Health Insurance in Mexico (with Jaime Lara)

  4. Strategic Firm Responses to Sin Taxes and Tax Pass-Through: Evidence from Seattle’s Sweetened Beverage Tax (with Jessica Jones-Smith, Lina Pinero Walkinshaw, and Vanessa Oddo) (status: completed draft)

New Projects

These projects have been presented at conferences, but I do not yet have a completed draft. Check back soon!

  1. Adult Child Education and Elderly Parent Health in Mexico

  2. Health Care Reform and Chronic Disease Management: Evidence from the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes-Related Complications in Mexico